Travelers’ Treasures / Kyo no Maru (Earthen bells, set of seven deities)

The Shichifukujin or Seven Lucky Gods are the subject of a Japanese folk belief in seven gods who remove the seven misfortunes and bring the seven good fortunes.

These gods are called Ebisu, Daikokuten, Bishamonten, Benzaiten, Fukurokuju, Jurojin, and Hotei. These lucky gods are recreated as unglazed earthenware bell dolls at the ceramic kiln of Tutida Ningyo, called the Kyo no Maru.

All the styles of traditional doll making techniques rooted in Kyoto, from mold making to painting, coloring, and firing, were incorporated into the Tutida Ningyo workshop to create each expression by hand.

One of the appealing aspects of these earthenware bell is the lovely and comforting sound they make when shaken.

This traditional earthenware bell handicraft with the motif of the Seven Lucky Gods as a good luck token is sure to be a wonderful gift.

Price: ¥8,100 (seven earthen bell dolls and a wooden plate)

Manufacturer: Tutida Ningyo Co. in Kyoto


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