CREATORS’ VIDEO DIARY / Introducing ‘Recorded Werewolf,’ an exciting new game from YouTube


MIZUTAMARI BOND members Kanta, left front, and Tommy, right front, show their smartphones in a scene from the video “Rokuon Jinro Game”

By MIZUTAMARI BOND / Special to The Yomiuri Chukosei ShimbunTommy: Hey, it’s Tommy from MIZUTAMARI BOND. For this edition, we’ll talk about one of our more memorable recent videos.

Kanta: For me, I guess that’d be the “Rokuon Jinro Game” (recorded Werewolf game*). You pick a card and then play Werewolf using only three sentences you’ve pre-recorded on your smartphone. Having been in this business for four years, I can usually tell whether a certain project will pick up steam or not. But honestly speaking, I had no idea what would happen with this one, and as a result, it really became interesting.

Tommy: Lately, we’ve also been making videos featuring people other than us, which has helped broaden the range of our output. Five people appear in this video. The others besides us are amateurs and made things unpredictable in a fun way. When I’m part of that kind of makeup, I make my moves taking into consideration what role I should play to make it interesting, so now I can enjoy the shoot from different angles.

Kanta: True. If we only work on our own, we still somehow manage to complete the video, but then there’s hardly any element of surprise. With live game reporting, for example, there’s a sense of security that it’ll be fun one way or anther. On the other hand, that works because the game itself is fun.

I hope you readers will check out the “Rokuon Jinro Game” videos on our YouTube channel. The idea of this video is that the five of us improvise a new game based on Werewolf as we talk amongst ourselves, so I think it’s a pretty novel idea for a project, too.

Tommy: When you think of it like that, it’s possible that one day YouTubers will play a role in creating new forms of recreation.

Kanta: Top YouTubers already seem like they’re doing things close to that. It’ll be interesting if we can get to the point where we come up with completely new ways of having fun using our own methods.

* * *

MIZUTAMARI BOND is a YouTube duo that believes in the importance of new ideas. They upload videos every day covering a variety of themes, such as experiments, myth-testing and surprise videos.

This article is a translation of the YouTube column that appeared last Friday in The Yomiuri Chukosei Shimbun, a weekly paper for junior high and high school students. The original Japanese text and the translation will be carried alongside each other in the paper on the final Friday of every month.

*Werewolf is a popular game where townsfolk try to find a werewolf disguised as one of them and hiding amongst themselves.Speech

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