Travelers’ Treasures / Gensensozai de Tsukutta Mutenka no Yakigashi Gomamatsu (Additive-free baked sweets made with select ingredients)

Matsukaze, the thinnest Japanese-style confectionery in Japan, hails from the city of Kikuchi in Kumamoto Prefecture, known as the Little Kyoto of Kyushu. It is said to have come from Kyoto during the Nanboku-cho period in the 14th century and boasts a history of over 600 years.

Gomamatsu is a new confectionery made with the same production method as Matsukaze and uses only select local ingredients. The city of Kikuchi, situated at the base of Mt. Aso, which has one of the world’s largest calderas, is blessed with pure water and volcanic ash soil.

From the whole wheatmeal and gold sesame seeds grown without chemicals or fertilizers in fertile land suited for agriculture, to the eggs from free range chickens fed on safe feed blended by the farmers themselves and Silica-sui Kikuchi spring water, which is rich in silica and other minerals, all ingredients are produced in Kikuchi except for the sweetener, which is not produced locally. The paper-thin Gomamatsu has a crisp texture and when bitten into, fills the mouth with a subtle sweetness.

Price: ¥580 (for 23 pieces)

Manufacturer: Watanabe-Shouten Co. in Kikuchi, Kumamoto Prefecture


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