Cycle (non)stop〜Editor’s choice 21

The Takahatafudoson Kongoji temple in Hino, Tokyo, is about 10-minute ride from the Asakawa river cycling path, a 20-kilometer route that connects the Tamagawa river in eastern Hino to a spot near Mt. Takao in Hachioji. The temple, believed to have its origins 1,100 years ago in the early Heian period, boasts a five-story pagoda, and is well known by history lovers as the family temple of Hijikata Toshizo, a deputy commander of the Shinsengumi group of swordsmen who resisted the Meiji Restoration. There is a statue of Hijikata at the temple, but his burial place is unknown. The temple is a recommended spot if you would like to take a break while riding on the Asakawa path.